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A Three Step Approach to Low-Risk IMS Modernization

Learn how to make the move to DB2 with a low-risk, high-ROI migration path

Does the thought of migrating your IMS applications give you the jitters?

Staying in IMS might seem like the safer choice, but the consequences of doing so – inability to react to application changes, unacceptable data latency, ongoing costs & a shrinking skills base – can be pretty scary, too!

On this webcast, our technical experts explore the challenges & options for IMS modernization & discuss how Syncsort can help you make the move to DB2 with a low-risk, high-ROI migration path.

Through real-world examples, you’ll learn about DL/2 -- a data migration and application transparency solution specifically designed to address the challenges of IMS data migration to DB2 – and how you can benefit from:

  • Limited Risk. Avoid the high risk & cost of a "big bang" rewrite -- plus, no application changes means minimum disruption for your business.
  • Rapid Delivery. Migrate data to DB2 and standardize application change & enhancement in SQL.
  • Transparent Data Migration. Existing application programs continue to issue IMS database requests as before.
  • Increased Access to Reporting Information. Access data previously "locked away" in IMS for richer reporting & analytics using the full facilities of DB2 and SQL.
  • Enhanced Productivity. Application programs can use standard DB2 facilities, to either provide new functionality or enhance existing IMS applications.