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Mainframe Customer Education Webcast: Syncsort Gets Zen

z/OS cost saving technology with improved network management functionality

For over four decades, Syncsort has been an industry leader in Mainframe software products.
With ZPSaver Suite to offload CPU to zIIP, DL/2 to migrate IMS data to DB2, and Ironstream™ to forward log data into Splunk, we haven’t’ stopped there! Building on our leadership, William Data Systems -now part of the Syncsort family, offers an innovative portfolio of network monitoring, management & security tools that allow organizations to run mainframe networks efficiently and securely.
Check out ZEN- the suite of management tools that boosts z/OS® network performance and security. View this webinar on-demand for a review of the features and benefits of ZEN.

  • Integrate your network management tools in a single, easy-to-use yet powerful browser-based interface.
  • Prevent service disruptions while optimizing network infrastructure
  • Increase productivity & ensure regulatory compliance