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Splunking the Mainframe for Real-Time Insights at Erie Insurance

Like all mainframe shops, Erie Insurance used legacy tools to monitor their mainframes for decades, and the person who maintained these tools was retiring. In addition, they realized they needed more than these tools could deliver. While they had the basic data they needed, end users didn’t have access to the data, the ways the data could be used was limited, and it took too long to deliver the analysis to the stakeholders who needed it. An existing Splunk user, the company decided to go “all in” and use Splunk to monitor mainframe log data too. Today, Erie Insurance enjoys more timely analytics, new views of the data, and data accessed directly by the end users who need it. In this webcast, Sue Fassette, the project lead, shared her company’s journey from traditional mainframe log monitoring tools to Splunk, including how they got started, adoption across the company, results achieved so far, and what’s next.