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Old Dogs, New Tricks: Big Data from and for Mainframe IT

If you’re like most z/OS mainframe professionals, you’ve been using monitoring tools from industry leaders like BMC, Compuware, etc. for years now.  These valuable, reliable point solution tools get the job done, but can they do more?

View this webinar on-demand to show how machine data from z/OS is changing everything for Mainframe IT and enabling new solutions around IT Operations Analytics, Security Information and Event Management, and IT Service Intelligence.  We will review the state of the mainframe and look at some interesting use cases for new solutions including:

  • Being able to quickly discover and act upon correlations between mainframe issues and their broader impact to application service delivery
  • To know or even project forward your MLC costs such that you can really understand what is impacting the 4-hour rolling average window
  • A performance monitor for your mainframe sort which will clearly show how the sort is performing and what can be done to help those that are not performing optimally