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Managing Performance and Security with Splunk on your IBM Mainframe

Clearer Security Information, making it much easier to identify unauthorized mainframe access or other security risks.

Ironstream® 1.3 software is the preferred technology specifically designed to provide real-time, mainframe security insights through the Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Enterprise Security™.

With Syncsort Ironstream, you can simply collect, transform, and securely forward mainframe log data into Splunk where you can easily search, analyze, and visualize the data to gain valuable mainframe operational information.
View this webinar on-demand to learn how Ironstream :

  • Scales to billions of SMF records and SYSLOGs per day with minimum impact to your mainframe
  • Provides a 360-degree view of your IT infrastructure
  • Delivers  a more effective problem-resolution management with real-time views of mainframe SMF data to identify real or potential failures earlier, along with the relevant 'surrounding' information to support triage repair or prevention.