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Mainframe Education Webcast: Innovations in Your Mainframe Sort

Whether you’re running DFSORT or MFX 1.4, or another sort technology, you can now process more data, in less time, while reducing overall MSU consumption.

  • zIIP in your house?  We’ve got 2 key new ways to leverage zIIP for up to 90% improvement!
  • Got a z13?  Learn how to optimize the latest mainframe technology
  • Have zEDC?    Find out how MFX works with this game-changing technology
  • What have your peers experienced?  See and hear exactly why organizations like yours have used the latest technology and learn their results!

Learn from Syncsort’s head of development and lead sort Engineer how you can now leverage the latest advancements in mainframe technology, including:

  • Faster Performance. Leveraging the new IBM z Systems High Performance FICON (zHPF) architecture to reduce elapsed time.
  • Enhanced OPTMODES. Significant enhancements to DSM optimization modes (OPTMODES) allowing you to optimize performance, based on what resources are important to you.
  • Higher Developer’s Productivity. Additional data manipulation functions such as field type comparisons and parsed field identification; and 64-bit addressing allow your developers to get more done in less time.
  • Easy installation & deployment. Administrators can now specify installation options in SYS1.PARMLIB. Multiple sets of options can be created allowing for greater flexibility.