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Machine Learning & IT Service Intelligence for the Enterprise: The Future is Already Here!

Enterprises with mainframes and Cloud/server architectures face unique issues and challenges and if your enterprise delivers a service whose operation spans mainframe and distributed and/or Cloud infrastructures (e.g. a mobile banking/customer app), this webinar is for you.

See how you can gain unique business and service-relevant context using your own machine data, including that from your z/OS mainframe. Implicitly learn patterns, eliminate costly false alerts, identify anomalies, and baseline normal operations by employing advanced analytics driven by machine learning. You’ll also see and learn about:

  • Accelerating root-cause analysis and getting ahead of customer-impacting outages and slow-downs for your service
  • “Glass Table” view for clickable visualization of the entire service-relevant infrastructure
  • Machine Learning in IT Service Intelligence
  • The Machine Learning Toolkit available today