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Fueling AI & Machine Learning: Legacy Data as a Competitive Advantage

The data fueling your AI or machine learning initiatives plays a critical role. Different data sources provide different outcomes. The most important thing a business can do to prepare for success with AI and machine learning is to understand and provide access to all of the data that you can possibly get to. In addition to newer data sources, like IoT and Social Media, what will set your results apart – and give your business a competitive advantage – is powering AI and machine learning with your historical and proprietary data: the data sitting in your mainframe, legacy, and other traditional systems.

View this on-demand webcast with Wikibon Analyst James Kobielus as we discuss:

  • Using your historical customer data to train predictive AI/ML models for effective target marketing
  • Leveraging social, mobile, and IoT data to give your marketing an extra level of personalization
  • Making the most of your legacy and proprietary data while protecting customer privacy and ensuring regulatory compliance