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Digital Transformation: How to Run Best-in-Class IT Operations in a World of Machine Learning

IT leaders looking to move beyond reactive and ad hoc troubleshooting need to find the intersection of maintaining existing systems while still driving innovation - solving for the present while preparing for the future. Identifying ways to bring existing infrastructure and legacy systems into the modern world can create the business advantage you need.

View the conversation with Splunk’s Chief Technology Advocate, Andi Mann and Syncsort’s Chief Product Officer, David Hodgson where we discuss the digital transformation taking place in IT and how machine learning and AI are helping IT leaders create a more business-centric view of their world including:

  • The importance of data sharing and collaboration between mainframe and distributed IT
  • The value of integrating legacy data sources and existing infrastructure into the modern world
  • Achieving an end to end view of IT operations and application performance with machine learning