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How to Monitor Splunk Batch Jobs Using Syncsort Ironstream®

You need to know that your mainframe software is doing what you expect. If it's not, you have a problem that needs fixing.

If your mainframe software is not completing tasks within the timeframes you require, your business is not operating efficiently. You may also fail to meet guarantees that you make to partners and customers.

Watch this video to learn how Ironstream provides:

  • Real-time forwarding of relative batch information
  • Enhanced insights
  • Opportunities to correlate information with data from other sources

Traditionally, ensuring that mainframe-based z/OS systems are performing as expected has been tough for several reasons:

  • Accessing mainframe data requires special logins and account information.
  • z/OS data is stored in formats that most analytics tools are not designed to support.
  • Modern performance monitoring tools do not integrate directly with z/OS systems.
  • By pairing Ironstream® with Splunk; however, gaining real-time visibility into z/OS performance is possible. Ironstream® collects z/OS data and forwards it to Splunk in an efficient way so that you can monitor your z/OS systems from the convenience of your Splunk dashboards.

See Ironstream in action – Get Ironstream Starter Edition for free

This integration enables you to:

  • Interpret z/OS metrics in ways that are not possible when you collect z/OS data manually.
  • Correlate information from multiple z/OS systems or compare data from z/OS to other types of information to assess the overall health and performance of your infrastructure.
  • Measure the effectiveness of improvements and investments you make in your infrastructure.
  • Identify and fix problems quickly to avoid downtime or missed deadlines.

Watch this video to see for yourself how seamlessly Ironstream® enables you to monitor Splunk batch jobs and deliver the mission-critical visibility your business needs to stay lean and mean.

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