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Syncsort DL/2 - Transparent IMS to DB2 Data Migration

Unleash the power of IMS data by migrating to DB2 without any application changes

Migrating data from IMS systems to DB2 typically involves complex data re-engineering and extensive modification to key application programs. Syncsort DL/2 provides a smarter approach to IMS data migration, one that requires no changes to applications, significantly reducing the risks of data migration.

Syncsort DL/2 is a data migration and application transparency solution specifically designed to address the challenges of IMS data migration to DB2. With DL/2, application programs remain unchanged. Powerful mapping and migration tools get you to DB2 quickly, one or more IMS databases at a time. Applications continue to issue IMS/DB requests, but where requested data has been migrated to DB2, Syncsort DL/2 retrieves it and delivers it back to the application as if it came from IMS/DB.

Learn how DL/2 provides the fastest, easiest, and lowest risk approach to migrate your IMS data to DB2.