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Customer Story

Underutilizing zIIP Engines Was Costing This Global Bank Serious MIPS & Money

One global bank with four major data centers (each housing 2-4 mainframes) was finding that CPU time spent on mundane sort and copy operations was becoming a huge target for cost reduction. Although faster and more efficient alternatives to DFSORT were available, such as Syncsort MFX, the IT shop was facing more pressing concerns when looking to save costs and address mainframe challenges.

Once Syncsort’s ZPSaver software was brought into the picture; however, the circumstances changed. With ZPSaver and MFX, 90% of the work could be offloaded to ZIIP, meaning it would not incur MLC fees from IBM. Furthermore, CPU time spent on sort/copy/merge processing was down by about 39% to 40% on average across the four mainframe data centers.

Download the new case study now to learn more about the benefits this global bank saw by utilizing Syncsort MFX and ZPSaver.