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Customer Story

Ironstream + Splunk Enterprise Ensures SLAs Met

Losing institutional knowledge is an inherent risk for many companies. One insurance firm faced this very issue when one of its key mainframe experts on staff announced his retirement, creating a sense of urgency to retain a critical piece of mainframe business analytics within the company after his departure.

In addition to the threat of losing in-house mainframe skills, the process this z/OS expert was using for monitoring was not in real-time, causing the company to fall behind within an extremely competitive sector. To resolve these crucial issues, the insurance company decided to utilize Syncsort’s Ironstream® software to access and transform z/OS data into the common open-systems format and transmit it in real-time with no mainframe expertise required. This product, in combination with Splunk® Enterprise, ultimately allowed the insurance company to operate smoothly without depending on any individual’s performance while strengthening its ability to meet service-level agreements and get ahead of competitors.