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Customer Story

Insurance Firm Boosts Its Transaction Operations

In order to fulfill the functional needs required to support a continuously expanding business, one multi-line insurance company was in need of a solution to monitor and manage its large volume of transactional data, which was scattered across multiple platforms.  Although there were various tools at the company’s disposal designed to assist with issues similar to this one, the process of compiling the entirety of the operational log data from all of its IT systems seemed elusive at best.  While the company’s use of the Splunk® Enterprise platform has allowed it to successfully collect and centralize log data from across its open-systems infrastructures, it still sought the functionality of obtaining comparable data from the mainframe side.

To tackle this ongoing challenge, the insurance company deployed Syncsort Ironstream®, which is specifically designed to collect and enable access to data from a wide range of z/OS logs.  In combination with the Splunk® platform, the insurance company was able to utilize this product to its fullest capacity, allowing it to achieve its original mission of gaining real-time visibility into operational data across its entire IT infrastructure while simultaneously completing the picture of overall system health.