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Encryption, Tokenization, and Anonymization for IBM i: A Quick Guide to Protecting Sensitive Data

Encryption, tokenization, and anonymization each have their own uses and benefits – and many organizations will choose to implement one or more of these technologies depending on the environment that needs to be protected. As with any other IT security decision, choosing the right data-privacy solution takes a thorough evaluation of your own requirements and the available technology options by your security administrator, compliance team, and management. It also helps to bring in outside experts who understand the technologies, including the potential pitfalls.

Download this eBook to learn how Syncsort can help bring you a team of experts – all with an in-depth knowledge of encryption, tokenization, and anonymization. In addition, our Syncsort Assure portfolio of IBM i security products includes a range of industry-leading encryption, tokenization, and anonymization software - making it easy to find the approach that best meets your company’s specific requirements.