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Taking Control of Access to Your IBM i Systems and Data

The days when the IBM i was isolated from other systems and configuring security was a relatively simple matter are long gone. As the IBM i has become interconnected with other systems, the ways in which it can be accessed have grown – and the task of protecting it from intrusion has become more complex.

To ensure the security of your organization’s critical data and applications, and to comply with increasingly strict IT security regulations, you must control the numerous means by which your IBM i systems can be accessed.

View this 15-minute webcast to learn how exit points provided by the IBM i OS can be used to monitor and secure access to IBM i systems and data. During this webcast you’ll learn more about:

  • Securing network access and communication ports
  • Securing database access
  • Securing access to commands
  • Tradeoffs between do-it-yourself and third-party solutions