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Securing Sensitive IBM i Data At-Rest and In-Motion

Driven by a continuous stream of news about personal information stolen from major retailers and financial institutions, consumers and regulatory bodies are demanding more in terms of data protection and privacy. Personal data protection is required by government and industry regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, FISMA and more. Data encryption provides another layer of protection around IBM i Db2 columns that contain sensitive data, and it’s never been easier since the introduction of FIELDPROC in IBM i 7.1. Other solutions are also available to remove sensitive data from servers entirely and to secure data in motion.

View this 15-minute webcast on-demand and get up to speed on the key concepts you need to know to secure sensitive data on your IBM i servers, including topics such as:

  • FIELDPROC encryption and key management
  • Tokenization and anonymization
  • Tools for securing data in motion
  • Tradeoffs between do-it-yourself and third-party solutions