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Natural Disaster Recovery Plan: Are You Prepared for 2018?

Today, organizations demand 99.99% infrastructure uptime and reliability to move product, service and keep market share. Since disasters affect more than 28 million Americans – almost 8% of the US population – businesses need to have solid DR processes and plans in place.

So, that brings us to the question - can your IBM i systems survive a sudden, unplanned event that severely impacts the functionality of your business?

During this webinar we will examine the critical failure points DR – spanning from multiple computer rooms to regional disasters – that were catastrophic to organizations in 2017. We will also review the internal and external influences – especially the human elements – that came into play.

View this webcast on-demand to learn more about:

  • Lessons learned from actual natural disasters in 2017
  • Critical failure points that need to be accounted for in your DR planning
  • Effective replication strategies to ensure your IBM i systems and data survive a DR event
  • The top reasons disaster recoveries fail
  • How Syncsort’s Assure product portfolio can help your organization meet today’s DR challenges