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Password Self Service (PSS) for IBM i, Windows, Linux, AIX and Open LDAP

Organizations most often depend on their helpdesk professionals to assist and oversee routine password maintenance. Many organizations that have implemented procedures to streamline and automate password management still require helpdesk teams to manually respond to each request in some capacity, whether it’s answering a call to receive the request or closing a ticket. This is a costly misuse of the value helpdesk professionals bring to an organization.

Enforcive Password Self Service (PSS) streamlines password management into an autonomous process that enables end-users of IBM i, Windows, Linux, AIX, and Open LDAP to securely manage their passwords independently. End-users who do not remember their password for a particular system or want to synchronize a new password across all or select systems can now be given the ability to do so instantly on their own –without escalating to the helpdesk.