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A Whole New World of Data Democratization

In the late 1960s and 1970s, data was handwritten onto paper, entered onto punch cards and read into a computer. By the 1980s, many business users had access to personal computers, spreadsheet software, relational databases and business reports for budgeting and forecasting. These users and their data were typically isolated, and created silos distinct from the core business systems.

Subsequent decades brought new data storage alternatives – such as data warehouses and data marts. Business users applied data for business purposes only and isolated silos remained, divided by distinct lines of business, applications, data stores and spreadsheets.

Today, as data becomes truly democratic, there are corresponding concerns around governance, security and keeping data current. But, has technology caught up to the original aspirations behind data democratization?

Read on to learn more about considerations that could fulfil more of the promise of data democratization such as:

  • Eliminating data silos
  • Increasing expectations of everyone to be responsible for data and the decisions surrounding it
  • Expanding access to the tools that make it easier to find and work with data

This content on data democratization written by Syncsort’s Harald Smith was originally published on InfoWorld.