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Big Data Matching: How to Find Two Similar Needles in a Really Big Haystack

When consolidating multiple sources of information from across your organization, finding records that relate to the same customer, the same company or the same product can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

For example, is Bob Smith the same as Robert Smith? How about Dr. Robert L. Smith – is he the same person? What about Syncsort, Inc and Sinksort Corp.? Are those the same company? Finding possible matches in a million-row dataset requires comparing each field or combination of fields in each record to a million other records. Now, imagine trying that with 100 million records, or more. This kind of compute intensive comparison can bring even a powerful cluster to its knees.

In this webinar, we discuss the challenges of entity resolution at scale, review how Syncsort’s Trillium data quality software has tackled these challenges successfully in production clusters, and demo this software in real-time.

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