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5 Tips to Break Through Extract Transform Load Roadblocks

Break free from ELT roadblocks… and costs. Bring the “T” back to ETL and discover a smarter approach to integrate all your data

At the beginning, we had Extract, Transform, and Load. Soon after, as data volumes grew, some were quick to point out the value that databases could bring to data integration, so we had Extract, Load, and Transform. And that’s how one of the greatest rivalries in the history of IT began:  ETL vs. ELT
The problem is that databases were never designed for ELT and, in fact, can create roadblocks that prevent organizations from addressing their needs.
Learn how to end the ETL vs. ELT debate once and for all and get on your way to a smarter approach to a high-performance ETL approach that overcomes the limitations of both SQL coding and conventional data integration tools.
With this guide you will learn:

  • Why ELT and SQL are not the best approach for data integration
  • The true costs of ELT
  • Practical tips to overcome the roadblocks of ELT
  • How to put and end to high development cycles and slow data integration performance