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The Ultimate Checklist for High Performance ETL

Learn how to choose the right ETL solution to meet today's data challenges

Tapping into previously unused sources of information is changing the way business is done --  and key to remaining relevant and competitive. You can’t afford to be standing on the sidelines, missing out on valuable insights that will help you identify new revenue opportunities, save costs, increase operational efficiencies, and improve products and services.
Whether or not you already have a set of ETL and Data Integration tools, this checklist will help you assess high-performance ETL solutions for data integration that stands up to today’s challenges.

Download this guide to learn how to evaluate solutions based on:

  • Development productivity – shifting the burden of handling common and repetitive tasks as well as performance tuning from the individual to the technology
  • Dynamic optimization – leveraging algorithms, optimizations, and smart technology to intelligently accelerate performance on-the-fly
  • Scalable architecture – designed for today’s dynamic business requirements and environments with efficient processing methods dynamically executed as needed
  • Pervasive connectivity – enabling connectivity with a wide variety of sources and targets and incorporating innovations like Direct I/O to enable a more efficient transfer of larger blocks of data
  • High-speed compression – taking compression to a new level by incorporating algorithms and technologies to address the entire transformation process