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TDWI eBook: A Guide to Hadoop for Data Warehousing and Operational Analytics

Get best practices & tips on getting the most from your Data Warehouse and Operational Analytics with Hadoop!

Whether you already have Hadoop in production – or are just getting started – you’ll want to explore all the ways it can deliver value to your organization.

Data Warehousing and Operational Analytics are two areas where applying Hadoop can yield fast, and dramatic, results.  But where to start?  Download this eBook, published by the editorial staff at TDWI, to get best practices and straight-forward advice on how to succeed with these two Hadoop initiatives.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Integrate Hadoop into your existing IT architecture with a 5-step roadmap
  • Use Hadoop to free your data warehouse from the cost & performance burdens of ETL
  • Put Hadoop to work to address operational analytics - and impact business as it happens.