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Will Big Data Make IT Infrastructure Sexy Again?

Driven by the growth of big data, is the new IT infrastructure a path to a better world, or a Pandora’s Box?

In this insightful report, Mike Barlow looks into the expanding world of IT infrastructure, where storage is too small, and networks too slow, to handle the enormous amount of data coming.

Chock full of insights from thought leaders at companies such as Cloudera, Hortonworks, Pivotal & GE, this report tackles the technical and cultural implications of Big Data.

Big data has the same sort of disruptive potential as the client-server revolution of 30 years ago, which changed the whole way that IT infrastructure evolved. For some people, the disruption will be exciting and for others, it will be threatening.
Marshall Presser, field CTO, Pivotal

Download your copy to get the latest thinking on:

  • How -- and where -- to extract insight from from enormous data volumes
  • Transitioning from "inward-facing" to "outward-facing" IT
  • Hadoop - it's evolution, power & relationship to traditional data management systems
  • The "API-ification" of the enterprise & ubiquitous connectivity
  • The intersection of IT and OT (operational technology)
  • IT infrastructure spending in the era of Big Data