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Syncsort DMX-h Technical White Paper

Systems such as data warehouses and mainframes are mainstays of traditional data architectures and still play a vital role today. However, they are not designed to cost-effectively scale to handle the massive increases in data volumes, as well as the many new types of data sources that organizations need to analyze.

Download this white paper to learn the technical details behind how Syncsort DMX-h:

  • Simplifies the creation and management of end-to-end data integration and transformation processing to shorten time to value, while allowing organizations to leverage their existing data integration skill sets
  • Insulates developers from needing to chase the bleeding edge of technologies as DMX-h keeps pace with the big data ecosystem
  • Natively supports a wide range of sources, targets, and data types – regardless of complexity – including streaming and mainframe
  • Facilitates the import of entire databases with hundreds of tables into Hadoop in a single job;
  • Optimizes the performance of choke point data processing tasks such as sorts and joins, without increasing infrastructure requirements.