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ETL on Hadoop: How to free up data warehouse capacity and budget to drive bigger insights

View this webcast to learn how shifting ETL workloads to Hadoop – and working with larger, more diverse data – leads to better insights in less time.

Offloading ETL workloads from your data warehouse to Hadoop is a great way optimize capacity & performance. Efficiently work with bigger, more diverse data to drive better insights – and free up your budget by avoiding costly data warehouse upgrades.

Watch this webcast on demand with experts from Cloudera and Syncsort to learn what you need to know to get started, including:

  • The Modern Operational Data Store – What it is & why you need it
  • The ETL Offload Framework – How to identify, offload, optimize & secure your workloads
  • Customer Success – How a global financial institution got bigger insights, lower costs & faster development by offloading ETL to Hadoop