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Unlocking & Monetizing Your Dark Data With Syncsort & HP Vertica

Access & analyze critical enterprise data that's been locked away on expensive legacy systems

Much of today's most critical enterprise data is locked inside legacy platforms -- such as mainframes & legacy enterprise data warehouses -- making it difficult to access, explore, analyze and monetize.

This "Dark Data" can quickly become a liability instead of an asset, as valuable insights that you need to drive your business never see the light of day.

Access this webcast recording to learn how your organization can unlock this data, including traditional structured and new forms of semi-structured data, and leverage it across both exploratory and production analytical environments.

Big Data experts from HP Vertica & Syncsort will explain - and demonstrate - how you can shine a light on all your dark data to drive more insights, faster and cheaper. Topics covered include how to:

  • Identify Dark Data on data warehouses and mainframes.
  • Offload data & workloads from expensive legacy systems to the Vertica Analytics Platform.
  • Easily access virtually any source & target -- from mainframe to Hadoop; from structured to unstructured.
  • Get faster performance with predictable costs.