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How to Succeed in Hadoop: comScore’s Deceptively Simple Secrets to Deploying Hadoop for Deeper Consumer Insights

Learn how one of the world's largest digital analytics companies adopted Hadoop to process 1.7 trillion customer interactions a month!

As more enterprises realize the value of big data, Hadoop is moving from lab curiosity to genuine competitive advantage. But how can you confidently deploy it in a production environment?

Watch this webcast on-demand to learn firsthand from industry thought leader, Mike Brown, CTO of comScore, how to offload critical data and optimize your enterprise data architecture with Hadoop to increase performance while lowering costs.

Mike shares how comScore adopted the enterprise-grade Hadoop platform to support the processing of 1.7 trillion customer interactions per month and to scale in order to manage a 1700% increase in data volume over the last four years. Other topics covered include:

  • Benefits and operational challenges organizations face with large-scale data
  • Key considerations for selecting an enterprise data hub/data lake and data integration optimization solution
  • Value-add gains for successfully deploying Hadoop in production
  • Lessons learned and recommendations for maximizing the MapR/Syncsort joint solution