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Customer Education Webcast: Best Practices, Tips, and Tricks for Even Better Performance

Many of our customers use DMX-h to quickly and efficiently populate their data lakes with enterprise-wide data, to power a variety of use cases, including data as a service, data archiving, fraud detection, and Customer 360. Time is almost always a key factor in making these projects successful. Syncsort’s Intelligent eXecution (IX) capability means you can design data access and integration workflows, and they will work optimally with virtually any hardware environment, data configuration or execution framework, with no special effort on your part. Yet, even with this powerful capability on your side, there are a few smart insider tips that can make a big difference in execution speed. We’d love to share those tips with you.

Watch our quarterly customer education webcast to learn about the latest advancements in Syncsort DMX and DMX-h data integration software, and gain some key new insights into making your high-performance integration workflows perform at top speed.