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The Business Case for Hadoop

Discover Hadoop’s sweet spot in big data processing with a panel of industry experts

As Hadoop moves from the early adopter phase into the mainstream, IT organizations across all industries are asking how to make the business case for Hadoop at their company. For all its benefits, namely it is a radically cheaper alternative for storing and processing large amounts of structured and unstructured data, it can be an uncomfortable fit in a traditional IT environment. With that in mind, it’s important to put Hadoop to work on the tasks it was designed for, to ensure its success in your organization.
In this Gigaom webinar, a panel of industry experts discuss Hadoop’s sweet spot in big data processing, including ETL offload from traditional enterprise data warehouses and the cost savings and benefits gained from integrating it with existing infrastructure.

  • What evidence is there that Hadoop is now mainstream?
  • What use cases is Hadoop most suited to?
  • What are the challenges and best practices for implementing Hadoop in an ETL offload environment?
  • What some methodologies and tools for success?