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Simplifying and Future-Proofing Hadoop

Get a handle on the rapidly evolving ecosystem of Hadoop tools and technologies – and learn what you can do to simplify & future-proof your own implementations

Organizations are intrigued and excited by the ability to reduce costs, gain new insights and expand their data playground with Hadoop.  However, when it comes time to design and execute their strategy, they face two fundamental challenges: “Where do I start?” followed by, “Now that I’ve started, how do I keep up?”
The ecosystem of Hadoop tools is constantly expanding to keep up as demands (real-time, self-service, etc.) and data growth (more sources, larger volumes) increase.  Innovation is good, but added complexity, uncertainty and risk is not.
If you’re committed to realizing the benefits of Hadoop, but are taken aback by the complexities and pace of change in the Big Data landscape, watch this webcast to learn about: 

  • Finding the right use case – Successful companies realize the fastest time to value and create a foundation for big data analytics by starting with familiar use cases such as offloading enterprise data warehouses and mainframes to Hadoop.
  • Exploring the landscape of Big Data tools -- Learn about common tools used in Hadoop implementations as illustrated by real-world use cases.
  • Shielding your organization from the complexities of Hadoop while staying current as Big Data technologies evolve – Solutions like Syncsort DMX-h allow users to visually design data transformations once and deploy them anywhere—across Hadoop MapReduce, Apache Spark, or whatever framework becomes popular next.