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Big Data Made Easy: A Simple, Scalable Solution for Getting Started with Hadoop

Learn how a turnkey solution for offloading ETL from your data warehouse can get you a “quick win” with Hadoop, delivering tangible results, faster ROI and reduced risk!

With so many new, evolving frameworks, tools, and languages, a new big data project can lead to confusion and unwarranted risk.
Many organizations have found Data Warehouse Optimization with Hadoop to be a good starting point on their Big Data journey.  Offloading ETL workloads from the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) into Hadoop is a well-defined use case that produces tangible results for driving more insights while lowering costs.  You gain significant business agility, avoid costly EDW upgrades, and free up EDW capacity for faster queries.  This quick win builds credibility and generates savings to reinvest in more Big Data projects.
A proven reference architecture that includes everything you need in a turnkey solution – the Hadoop distribution, data integration software, servers, networking and services – makes it even easier to get started.