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Big Data Education Webcast: Introducing DMX and DMX-h

Get a look inside the most comprehensive release of Syncsort’s award-winning data integration software

DMX and DMX-h deliver big benefits for everyone -- whether you’re using Hadoop, or deploying your Big Data solutions in Windows, Unix, Linux or the Cloud.
Check out this webcast, where our Big Data product experts take you on a tour of the coolest features, complete with product demos. Tune in to learn how you can:

  • Future-proof your applications. Deploy the same data flows on or off of Hadoop, on premise or in the cloud, with no application changes
  • Save users from underlying complexities of Hadoop with our new Intelligence Execution Layer
  • Ingest data directly into Big Data formats such as Avro & Parquet – in one step & without staging
  • Load Apache Spark engines with mainframe data via a new, Cloudera-certified Spark mainframe connector
  • Turn raw data into powerful insights in just one click with our new connectors for QlikView and Tableau