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Syncsort Data Warehouse Offload Solution

Start building your Enterprise Data Hub with Syncsort’s data warehouse offload solution

Today’s business world is demanding more from your data warehouse. However, with ELT workloads driving up to 80% of database capacity, it’s hard to meet deliverables while keeping costs down… until now!

Syncsort’s data warehouse offload solution allows you to shift infrequently used data and heavy ELT workloads from expensive legacy and data warehouse systems into Hadoop. Our integral enterprise data warehouse offload solution (EDW offload) allows you to easily identify and move data and workloads suitable for offloading into Hadoop. Once there, we give you the tools you need to optimize, securely access, and manage the new environment. We take you all the way in big data integration from ELT offload to Hadoop ETL and beyond.

Start building your enterprise data hub to power next generation big data analytics. Deploy on-premises or in the cloud.