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MFX® ZPSaver Suite

Syncsort's MFX ZPSaver Suite reduces the workload on your mainframe’s CPU, saving your business money and delivering ever faster processing power.

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MFX ZPSaver Suite


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ZPSaver Suite Evaluation Best Practices Guide



Workload Off-Ramp: Cost-Effective z/OS Compression, Copy, and Sort


Customer success story

With CPU utilization peaking at 100% in the daily batch window when critical billing jobs were running, this telecommunications firm was seeing the performance of the jobs being impacted, along with an occasional inability to complete all jobs within the window. They were looking at an impending upgrade which they neither could afford nor take on.

Taking advantage of a free Syncsort SMF analysis, they received a projection on how much they could save in terms of MIPS with Syncsort’s ZPSaver. The results- astounding. They showed an average savings of 72.4% in CPU time, along with an 11% savings in elapsed time within their current batch window.

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