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Syncsort EZ-DB2 : Save Up to 50% of DB2 CPU
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Save Up to 50% of DB2 CPU Time

Syncsort EZ-DB2 Goes Beyond Traditional
DB2 Tuning Tools

Syncsort EZ-DB2 Goes Beyond Traditional

Workload Performance Optimization with Index and Environmental Analyzers

A Focus on Workload-Centric Optimization

Syncsort EZ-DB2 is the leading solution for DB2 SQL workload performance optimization on z/OS, saving DB2 CPU resources, improving performance, and dramatically reducing the impact of application and environmental changes.

Use Syncsort EZ-DB2 to:

  • Reveal the “hidden” SQL commands that consume the most system resources.
  • Capture and consolidate static and dynamic SQL including SQL from the distributed environment.
  • Anticipate how environmental changes may affect performance and resource consumption.
  • Determine how effectively your indexes support your predicates.
  • Automatically and intelligently derive the optimal index design based your actual SQL workload and production data characteristics.
Workload Performance Optimization

Reduce Hardware & Software Costs Today, Avoid Upgrades Tomorrow

Identify Up to 50% of DB2 CPU Time Savings!

Up to 50% of DB2 CPU Time Savings!

SQL consolidation, offered exclusively with Syncsort EZ-DB2, reveals key new tuning opportunities.

SQL consolidation looks beyond literals and all other variances in otherwise identical statements; it groups these into consolidated statements and delivers statistics weighted for frequency of execution for each, including total executions, total CPU time, and total Getpages.

Each of EZ-DB2’s workload analysis tools implements SQL consolidation to provide a powerful approach to DB2 Workload Performance Optimization.

Capture and Consolidate Both Static and Dynamic SQL

Dramatically Improve Mainframe DB2 Performance

Monitor your DB2 workload — collecting both static and dynamic SQL into a workload performance warehouse available to application programmers, DBAs, and performance analysts.

  • Focus the tuning where it will be most effective
    Syncsort EZ-DB2 recognizes “essentially the same” SQL statements, and accumulates CPU costs and row-level statistics for each consolidated statement — making it easier to pinpoint the most promising tuning opportunities first.
  • Quickly identify high-cost or most problematic components
    Display of vital performance data provides a multi-dimensional analysis of the workload. For example, the user may view the workload by Plan, Package, Program, AuthID, Database name, Table, Index Utilization, and SQL Statement to target components needing immediate attention.
Improve DB2 Performance

Anticipate Where Changes Will Impact Performance

Avoid Potentially Detrimental Changes to Applications and Program SQL

Anticipate the Impact of Changes on DB2 Performance

Before performing DB2 release migration, making database changes, upgrading machines, migrating application, etc., use EZ-DB2 to prevent degraded performance or increased resource consumption after implementation.

  • Detect previously unforeseen negative effects on systems resulting from changes.
  • Take pre-emptive action to prevent undesirable outcomes.
  • Keep systems running smoothly after migrations and other changes.

How Well Is Your SQL Workload Served by Your Existing Index Design?

Ensure Correct Index Design for New and Existing Applications


Index design is the most powerful tool available to improve SQL and overall system performance. Use our tools to:

  • Determine how well your SQL statements are served by your existing design.
  • List used and not used indexes.
  • Analyze the predicates used in SQL statements against the existing index design and identify where new and/or modified indexes would improve performance, and where modified predicates would make better use of existing indexes.
Ensure Correct Index Design

The Industry's Only Solution for Automated Optimization of DB2 Index Designs

Save Months of Intensive, Error-prone Analysis!

Save Time, Avoid Errors

Automatically and intelligently derive the optimal index design with respect to your actual production SQL workload and production data characteristics.

Recommendations are provided to guide you in transitioning from the existing index design to the optimal index design, and to advise on which indexes to keep, add, modify or remove. Projected cost savings also included.

Optimal indexes mean:

  • Better application performance.
  • Reduced resource consumption.
  • Greater DBA productivity.
  • Less frequent firefighting.

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