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Syncsort Big Data Software : DMX - A Smarter Approach to Data Integration
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Integrate ALL Your Data with NONE of the Hassle !

DMX-h Release 8

Extract, transform and load more data faster, with existing in-house skills

Get your data where you need it without long ETL development cycles and slow execution times

DMX reduces the cost and complexity of data integration, frees up database capacity, and delivers up to 10X faster performance without the need for slow, manual coding and tuning.


Integrate all data across your organization

RDMBS, Mainframe, NoSQL, the Cloud, Hadoop and more!

Joining, blending and integrating data – legacy or new, big or small, with or without Hadoop – is easy with DMX. With enhanced support for mainframe, legacy and Big Data sources; plus a no-code approach to efficiently join datasets with maximum performance and highest resource efficiency. A common user experience across single and distributed environments means you can create your own data blends with consistent, sustainable performance.

Integrate all Data

Free Up Your Database!

Smarter Data Integration

Free up your database

Underperforming ETL tools have forced many IT developers to push transformations down to the database, adding complexity and requiring massive investments in additional database capacity.

DMX brings all data transformations into a high-performance ETL engine. Transformations are processed on the fly, eliminating the need for costly database staging areas or manually pushing transformations to the database.

Move Hundreds of Tables at Once with DataFunnelTM

Transfer Entire Database Schemas from Database to Database

If you want to get the most out of your new database, the first thing you have to do is get all your data in. Defining import jobs for the hundreds or even thousands of tables you need to move can take hundreds of hours with traditional ETL tools.

DataFunnel lets you point, click and onboard entire schemas from a relational database in minutes. And, because it leverages the DMX high performance ETL engine, you get excellent performance every time -- with no coding or tuning. With DataFunnel, you can:

  • Import data from sources like DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata, Netezza, Redshift, ...
  • Write to relational databases like SQL Server or Postgres.
  • Write to Cloud targets like Redshift or Amazon S3.
  • Automatically create new tables in the target database.
  • Filter tables, columns, or data types so you only move the data you need.
  • Transform and cleanse data in-flight, without staging data.

Popular Use Cases

Solve your data integration challenges

Popular use cases
  • EDW Optimization: Accelerate database queries and applications by putting relational databases to best use. Shift ETL workloads out of your EDW and into the DMX engine on a dedicated ETL server.

  • Mainframe Access and Integration: Make mainframe data available across the enterprise. Combine mainframe data with other datasets to gain valuable new insights. Keep mainframe costs low and the value you get from your data high. Syncsort is simply the best at accessing mainframe data and integrating it with data from across the enterprise.

  • Cloud ETL: Design workflows once and deploy them anywhere including Cloud or hybrid deployments. Whether your preferred Cloud is Google, Amazon or Microsoft, we can get you there and get you working fast.

Integration with Visualization tools and Enterprise Data Warehouses

Syncsort DMX delivers a complete solution that makes it easier than ever to distribute your data by loading aggregated datasets to all major MPP appliances or directly feeding it to your favorite data visualization tool.

  • Create QlikView Data Exchange (QVX) and Tableau Data Extracts (TDE) files with one click, for best-in-class data discovery, analysis and visualization.
  • High performance connectivity to achieve the fastest data loads without tuning hassles. In addition to its best-in-class connectivity to Teradata and Vertica, including:
    • Parallel load to Greenplum: Automatically partition and load using psql COPY command to parallelize loading
    • Parallel load to Netezza: Automatically partition and load data using multiple streams
    • Parallel INSERT for Oracle: Insert data in parallel without locking the tables
    • Plus high-performance connectivity for Big Data and NoSQL databases such as Cassandra, HBase and MongoDB
Visualization tools

Optimize your solution with Intelligent Execution

Data Transformation

DMX is the only data integration tool with Intelligent Execution. Conventional data integration tools are manual and static, with every change requiring constant tuning to maintain performance SLAs. By contrast, DMX dynamically selects the most efficient algorithms based on the data structures and system attributes it encounters at run-time. Intelligent Execution automatically adapts and optimizes itself to the exact characteristics of any particular job and system, whether on premises, in the cloud, or even Hadoop.

The result is maximum performance with minimum CPU and memory utilization, out-of-the-box, allowing you to shift your most skilled developers to more value-added activities.

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