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Ironstream for IT Operational Analytics (ITOA)
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IT Operational Analytics (ITOA)

Simplify IT Operations for Your Entire IT Infrastructure; Gain Operational Insights and Efficiencies

Ironstream ITOA

Analytics Comes of Age

Visualize All Parts of Your Sprawling Systems to Solve Problems Faster, Regardless of Scale or Complexity

ITOA (IT Operations Analytics) is defined as an approach that applies Big Data principles to your IT environment to provide a clearer view of activity across your entire IT infrastructure. This big picture overview helps organizations make better decisions.

You can’t manage what you can’t see. Since your enterprise’s IT operations span both mainframe and distributed (and/or Cloud) computing, you need an ITOA solution that does as well. You’ll never be able to see the complete picture if you’re focusing on one technology silo at a time.

See ITOA in Action with Ironstream®

Syncsort’s Ironstream enables critical SMF records, logs and other machine data in your z/OS environment to be streamed and correlated with data from the rest of your enterprise in near real-time within Splunk or Elastic, turning machine data into operational analytics and providing valuable insights.

Mainframes power mission-critical applications around the world. But many organizations are still flying blind, with no easy way to derive operational intelligence from the vast amounts of machine data generated by these critical systems.



  • Bring insights about mainframe operations to the non-mainframe IT and big data staff in real time to make better business decisions
  • Attain comprehensive IT performance management, leaving no systems out of sight, reducing MTTR
  • Correlate events across your enterprise for the first time leveraging new Big Iron to Big Data solutions for increased efficiency, insights and cost-savings