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NEW! 2018 Big Data Trends: Liberate, Integrate & Trust

Discover the results are in from our Big Data survey, including 5 key trends and a closer look at data quality’s impact on the data lake

Syncsort’s 2018 Big Data Trends Survey

Now Available! State of the Mainframe for 2018 Survey Report

Find out what every business needs to know about Big Iron in today’s Big Data world, including 5 key trends to watch for in 2018

State of the Mainframe for 2018

Syncsort Named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools*

The latest report marks the 12th consecutive year that Syncsort's Trillium data quality products have been recognized by Gartner as an industry leader

*Trillium Software is now part of Syncsort

Gartner Magic Quadrant Report

Syncsort’s New Vision for the Future of Big Iron to Big Data

Syncsort and Vision Solutions are combining to form a powerhouse “Big Iron to Big Data” platform to address critical business requirements for leading enterprises

Syncsort's Vision for the Future of Big Iron to Big Data

Big Data

Liberate critical data from mainframe and legacy sources for machine learning and Big Data analytics, on premise and in the cloud learn more


Data Quality

Market-leading solutions – powered by Trillium Software and available via Trillium Cloud – for data with the highest integrity
learn more



Best-in-class solutions for optimizing resource utilization and performance to dramatically reduce the cost of managing mainframe environments learn more


Harness the Power of Hadoop

Remove barriers to mainstream Hadoop adoption and experience the best approach for collecting, preparing, blending, transforming and distributing data with Hadoop. DMX-h allows you to design sophisticated data flows once and deploy anywhere, without worrying about the underlying platform or execution framework.

Harness the Power of Hadoop

Securely forward mainframe data into Splunk

Unlock real time mainframe operational intelligence with Ironstream®. Syncsort helps you make sense of the massive machine data streams from your mainframe so you can search, analyze and visualize it with Splunk Enterprise!


​Monitor mainframe network or security data

ZEN offers a selection of specialized components that provide network performance management, monitoring, alerting, tracing, reporting and security, tailored to match your unique needs.


Build Your Enterprise Data Hub with One-step Access to All Your Data

Syncsort DMX-h provides all the connectivity you need – including mainframe and legacy sources – to build your enterprise data hub. No Coding, No Scripting, Just Faster, Secure Data Loads!

Connect Hadoop to Your Data

Speed AppMod projects

Leveraging the fastest, most scalable mainframe and distributed platform technologies to accelerate application modernization projects, reduce costs, and increase ROI


Offload Copy & Compression CPU cycles to zIIP!

For more than 40 years, Syncsort’s industry-leading mainframe sort technology has provided the highest performance, efficiency and ease-of-use for mainframe applications. With ZPSaver™ Suite you can offload up to 90% of all your Copy & SMS Compression CPU cycles to zIIP.

Offload to zIIP

Accelerate Mainframe Sort

Syncsort customers have benefited from industry-leading mainframe sort technology to deliver the highest performance, efficiency and ease-of-use for their mainframe applications.

Mainframe Sort

DL/2 - Rapid, Risk-free Data Migration for IMS

DL/2 was developed to overcome IMS migration challenges and provides a low risk, rapid delivery solution that has been proven in many companies around the world.


Bridge the Gap Between Big Iron and Big Data

Offload mainframe data and batch workloads to Hadoop. Syncsort DMX-h ETL makes it clean and simple to ingest, translate, process and distribute mainframe data with Hadoop.

Data Collection

Shift Expensive ELT workloads from your data warehouse into Hadoop

Offloading ELT workloads and data from the EDW into Hadoop lets you slash batch windows, keep data longer, and free up valuable data warehouse capacity. But how do you know where to begin, and what will deliver the most savings? Start your Hadoop journey with Syncsort’s offload solutions to save money while building your enterprise data hub to power next generation big data analytics.

EDW Offload

Is the nightmare of SQL code keeping you from the dream of Hadoop?

Understand, analyze and visualize SQL ELT Workloads with the only utility specifically designed to help you offload complex SQL data integration workloads from your data warehouse into Hadoop.


Get Smarter ETL on Windows, Linux & Unix

Get the most current data, increase IT staff productivity and reduce total costs with a better approach for high-performance ETL.

Data Collection

Solve performance bottlenecks

The world’s fastest sort technology that helps organizations power through performance bottlenecks.

Solve Performance Bottlenecks

VS/2 – Application Transparency & Data Migration for VSAM

VS/2 is a data migration and application transparency solution that enables the rapid migration of data from VSAM to DB2® without application changes.


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Josh Rogers on theCUBE at BigDataNYC 2017

Syncsort CEO Josh talks talks with John Furrier at BigData NYC 2017 to discuss the Big Iron to Big Data challenge and how Syncsort is growing and investing to take advantage of market opportunities.

Tendü Yogurtçu on theCUBE at BigDataNYC 2017

Syncsort CTO Tendü Yogurtçu talks with John Furrier & Jim Kobielus at BigData NYC to discuss using data quality to clean up your data swamps. 

Josh Rogers on theCUBE at Splunk .conf 2017

Syncsort CEO Josh Rogers sits with Dave Vellante and John Walls at Splunk .conf 2017 in Washington, D.C to talk about the company's recent announcements and M&A activities.

Tendü Yogurtçu at DataWorks Summit 2017

Syncsort's CTO Tendü Yogurtçu along with Hortonworks CTO Scott Gnau joined theCUBE hosts Lisa Martin & George Gilbert at DataWorks Summit 2017.


Syncsort and Collibra Partner to Create Gold Standard in Enterprise-Wide Data Governance


Brings Together Market-Leading Data Quality from Trillium Software with Collibra’s Best-in-Class Data Governance Platform


Syncsort Ironstream® Integration with Compuware Enables Machine Learning-Driven Security Analytics


Real-Time Mainframe Data Delivered to Splunk Dramatically Improves Ability to Protect Against Internal and Cyber-attacks


Trillium Software Connects Customer Information for Verification and Enrichment


New Trillium Precise Data Enrichment Services Provide a Single View of Customers & Ensure Accurate Data in Real-Time