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Cogito is now part of Syncsort!

EZ-DB2 and EZ-IDMS Extend Syncsort’s Leading Data Infrastructure Optimization Solutions Portfolio


Syncsort EZ-DB2 Goes Beyond Traditional

 Improve Application Response Time, Throughput and CPU Utilization

Database Optimization to Save You Money

Cogito, now part of the Syncsort family, offers specialized software to both significantly improve IBM DB2® and CA IDMS™ performance, and lower mainframe costs.

Leadership in Mainframe Software

Syncsort’s industry leading mainframe software products

Leadership in Mainframe software

The acquisition builds on Syncsort’s leadership in mainframe software with products such as:

  • MFX® has been an industry leading high-performance sort technology for more than forty years.
  • Ironstream® helps you make sense of the massive machine data streams from your mainframe so you can search, analyze and visualize it with Splunk Enterprise.
  • DL/2 makes data migration from IMS™ more transparent, less risky.
  • VS/2 enables the rapid migration of data from VSAM to DB2® without application changes.
  • ZPSaver Suite can offload up to 90% of all your Copy, SMS Compression & Sort CPU cycles to zIIP.
  • Zen is a suite of management tools that boosts z/OS® network performance and security.

Save Up to 50% of CPU Time with EZ-DB2

Workload Performance Optimization with Index and Environmental Analyzers

Syncsort EZ-DB2 is the leading solution for DB2 SQL workload performance optimization on z/OS, saving DB2 CPU resources, improving performance, and dramatically reducing the impact of application and environmental changes.

Use Syncsort EZ-DB2 to:

  • Reveal the “hidden” SQL commands that consume the most system resources.
  • Capture and consolidate static and dynamic SQL including SQL from the distributed environment.
  • Anticipate how environmental changes may affect performance and resource consumption.
  • Determine how effectively your indexes support your predicates.
  • Automatically and intelligently derive the optimal index design based your actual SQL workload and production data characteristics.

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Cogito EZ-DB2 is now Syncsort EZ-DB2

Get More, Faster, Better with EZ-IDMS

Reorganize, Restructure and Test CA IDMS Databases, Even While Online and Available for Updating & Retrieval

Cogito EZ-DB for IDMS is now Syncsort EZ-IDMS

Syncsort’s tools give CA IDMS staffs the easiest, safest and speediest route to 24-hour availability along with reliable recoveries and total transparency for end users.

Components of EZ-IDMS include:

  • A reorganization module that allows online databases to be reorganized and updated with minimal interruption.
  • A “soft quiesce” module that allows database backups with no interruption to online processing.
  • A “share” module that allows all buffer pools and dataspaces to be treated as one big pool.
  • A “megabuffer sequential” module for accelerating batch processing.
  • A database image module for development, testing, and training.

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