MFX Slashes CPU Costs while Optimizing Overall System Efficiency

Syncsort MFX has been the industry’s leading high-performance sort technology for over four decades – saving customers millions of dollars each year.  And it's the only mainframe/System z Sort solution that offloads CPU cycles to zIIP engines while dynamically optimizing utilization of central storage and DASD.  

High-Performance Sort for System z

Syncsort MFX for z/OS will reduce CPU costs and help meet batch window requirements while optimizing resource management and overall system efficiency - and plug compatible with the IBM sort

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Ironstream™ | Mainframe Operational Intelligence

Unlock critical machine data from your mainframe and securely forward into Splunk Enterprise for real-time operational intelligence and visualization

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Hadoop Connectivity for Mainframe

Maximize Hadoop's full potential by tapping into any data source and target — and that means mainframe, too! No coding, no scripting, just faster connectivity!

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Offload to zIIP

Shift Copy & Compression workloads to zIIP processors. Save up to 90% of TCB CPU time & associated costs without compromising elapsed time.

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Transparent Data Migration for IMS & VSAM

Overcome the risks and challenges of IMS & VSAM data migration, quickly and without making any changes to existing applications. Experience what 70+ years of combined mainframe expertise can do for your most critical data.

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High-Performance Sort for SAS

Realize up to a 40% reduction in task CPU time and up to 25% lower elapsed time with our high-performance, transparent replacement for the SAS-provided sort procedure.

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See how other industry leaders have benefited from our mainframe technology solutions for more than
40 years!


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ZPCopy can lower your maiframe costs and free up Copy-related TCB CPU time. Find out how much you'll save!

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ZPcopy Webcast

Webcast: Cutting TCB Time and Costs with Syncsort MFX ZPCopy™

Learn how ZPCopy offloads z/OS COPY jobs to zIIP -- saving you TCB CPU time & money!

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Mainframe Sort Acceleration White Paper

White Paper: Mainframe Sort Acceleration

Improve performance of your most critical sort jobs, achieve higher throughput, & shorten batch processing windows.

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