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Sort Acceleration

The Leading Sort Technology for Over Forty Years!


The Fastest and Most Efficient Sort Technology

Turbocharge Your Data Processing Applications with the Fastest Sorting Tool

Packaging over 40 years of data performance expertise, the Sort Acceleration Solution from Syncsort offers the fastest, most reliable sorting tool across all major hardware platforms and operating systems.

The Fastest Sorting Tool

Umatched Performance, Efficiency and Reliability

Fastest Sorting

Over forty years ago, Syncsort revolutionized data processing on the mainframe, by developing the fastest and most efficient sort technology. Today, data processing applications running on all major operating systems and hardware platforms, can benefit from the umatched performance, efficiency and reliability of the leading sorting tool.

  • Accelerate data processing applications by up to 10x or more
  • Reduce CPU and memory utilization by up to 75%
  • Defer additional hardware purchases
  • Scale linearly from gigabytes to petabytes
  • Achieve significant storage savings
  • Enhance your applications with broader data sorting and transformation capabilities
  • Eliminate the need for manual coding or scripting
  • Develop using an intuitive windows-based interface

Scale Your Applications without Breaking Your Budget

Maximum Performance at Scale

Maximum Performance

Most sorting tools and data processing applications require ongoing tuning and massive amounts of hardware to keep up with growing data volumes. In contrast, the Sort Acceleration Solution has a very small footprint, allowing fast, easy deployment and avoiding competition for resources.

As data volumes grow and requirements change, the Sort Acceleration solution automatically adapts and self-optimizes to the exact characteristics of a particular job and system; thus delivering maximum performance at scale while ensuring the most efficient use of resources. Results typically include up to 75% less CPU and memory utilization than alternative sort solutions.

Multiply Your Savings Not Your Data

Greater Compression Ratios for even Greater Storage Savings

Large data volumes can have a negative impact on performance by increasing not only disk read/write access, but also network I/O. This is especially important given the increasing diversity of data sources, including those residing in the Cloud. Moreover, Big Data can easily drive storage costs to unsustainable levels. To alleviate these problems, organizations are increasingly leveraging compression tools.

Sorting data before compressing it can help increase compression ratios dramatically. However, underperforming sorting tools make this best practice expensive and unfeasible.

The high-performance and high-efficiency sorting technology of DMX allows organizations to sort all the data with minimum cost and overhead. The results are up to 10x greater compression ratios for even greater storage savings while still beating service level agreements (SLAs).

Multiply Your Savings

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