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Re-hosting Optimization

Maximize the Benefits of Mainframe Migration Projects

DMX-h Release 8

Successful Mainframe Migrations

Accelerate mainframe migrations by safely addressing critical data manipulation & performance requirements

Packaging over 40 years of Mainframe, Windows, Linux, and Unix expertise the Mainframe Re-hosting Optimization Solution provides complete data sorting, file manipulation and data integration capabilities, critical for successful mainframe migrations.

Accelerate Mainframe Migrations

Up to 10x faster performance

Accelerate Mainframe Migrations

Over forty years ago, Syncsort revolutionized data processing on the mainframe, by developing the fastest and most efficient sort technology. Today, data processing applications running on all major operating systems and hardware platforms, can benefit from the umatched performance, efficiency and reliability of the leading sorting tool.

  • Up to 10x faster performance than competing sort & data manipulation approaches
  • Up to 75% less CPU and memory utilization
  • Extensive JCL SORT card support
  • Native mainframe connectivity
  • Comprehensive data translation capabilities including EBCDIC to ASCII conversion
  • File manipulation and data synchronization without manual coding
  • Seamless integration with leading mainframe migration solutions

Accelerate implementation and mitigate risk

Faster Mainframe Migration with Less Hardware

Most legacy applications were perfected over time to accommodate critical needs of the business. Therefore, many organizations fear that moving to open systems may result in slower applications, instability, or limited functionality.

The Mainframe Re-hosting Optimization Solution helps accelerate implementation and mitigate risk at every stage of mainframe migration projects; from migrating mainframe data, to sorting data, to executing the same data processing and file manipulation tasks with the level of performance and reliability that users expect.

The Mainframe Re-hosting Optimization Solution delivers up to 10x faster performance than conventional tools and uses up to 75% less CPU and memory, minimizing hardware costs for even greater ROI.




Experience the new revolution in data analytics

Learn how BIGFrame, an end-to-end Mainframe Offload Solution built by Cognizant, Syncsort and Cloudera, enables enterprises to address challenges with performance, flexibility and agility to get business insights out of their legacy data.

Quickly Migrate Applications

Seamless JCL Support & Integration with Leading Re-hosting Solutions

Mainframe application re-hosting projects enable organizations to quickly migrate applications off the mainframe, with minimum or no modifications, to run on Windows, Unix or Linux systems.

The Mainframe Re-hosting Optimization Solution provides seamless integration with leading re-hosting solutions through its comprehensive JCL SORT card support. Therefore, there is no need to convert JCL cards; the migrated applications can immediately benefit from the superior performance and reliability of Syncsort, regardless of the mainframe data sorting engine.

Multiply Your Savings

Data Transformation and File Manipulation Capabilities

No Coding Required

No Coding

Mainframe applications have been accumulating data for years, resulting in large volumes of legacy data that are notoriously difficult to interpret, manipulate, and convert. The Mainframe Re-hosting Optimization Solution allows organizations to continue to perform these data integration and file manipulation tasks with similar, or even faster, performance; and without the need to write code.

  • EBCDIC to ASCII conversion with deep support for various mainframe sources, formats and data types
  • High-performance data integration capabilities with a wide range of transformations, including capabilities to aggregate, join, sort and merge records to various targets
  • Comprehensive file manipulation and data synchronization functionality similar to those performed on the mainframe by utilities such as File-AID, Easytrieve and others

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