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Syncsort: Data Integration Solutions for Linux, Unix, and Windows
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Solutions for Linux, Unix and Windows

Overcome the challenges of collecting, processing, optimizing and migrating data

DMX-h Release 8

Smarter Data Integration for Bigger Business Insights

High Performance ETL

Organizations require a solid data integration foundation to leverage all their data. However, as data sources grow in volume and diversity, conventional ETL tools and hand code can result in higher costs and missed opportunities. A smarter approach to ETL helps organizations uncover more insights by making more relevant data, available in less time and with less effort.


Blazingly fast, easy to use Cloud ETL for Amazon EC2

Cloud ETL

Cloud ETL

Unleash the full potential of Amazon EC2 with Ironcluster ETL!

  • Try it free for up to 30 days
  • Get blazingly fast ETL performance in the Cloud
  • Design ETL jobs graphically. No SQL to write and tune
  • Create sophisticated data flows - such as aggregating web logs, identifying changes between two datasets (CDC) and more - fast, with a library of Use Case Accelerators
  • Connect to virtually any data source including Redshift, S3, JSON, HDFS, RDBMs, mainframes, and more
  • Enjoy world-class product support

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Re-hosting Optimization

Maximize the Benefits of Mainframe Migration Projects


Mainframe application re-hosting projects enable organizations to quickly migrate applications off the mainframe, with minimum or no modifications, to run on Windows, Unix or Linux systems.

  • Up to 10x faster performance than competing sort & data manipulation approaches
  • Up to 75% less CPU and memory utilization
  • Extensive JCL SORT card support
  • Native mainframe connectivity
  • Comprehensive data translation capabilities including EBCDIC to ASCII conversion
  • File manipulation and data synchronization without manual coding
  • Seamless integration with leading mainframe migration solutions including DELL Clerity, Micro Focus, and Oracle

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Sort Acceleration

Turbocharge Your Data Processing Applications with the Fastest Sorting Tool

Over forty years ago, Syncsort revolutionized data processing on the mainframe, by developing the fastest and most efficient sort technology. Today, data processing applications running on all major operating systems and hardware platforms, can benefit from the umatched performance, efficiency and reliability of the leading sorting tool.

  • Accelerate data processing applications by up to 10x or more
  • Reduce CPU and memory utilization by up to 75%
  • Defer additional hardware purchases
  • Scale linearly from gigabytes to petabytes
  • Achieve significant storage savings
  • Enhance your applications with broader data sorting and transformation capabilities
  • Eliminate the need for manual coding or scripting
  • Develop using an intuitive windows-based interface

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Mainframe Offload

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