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Syncsort Hadoop Solutions: Mainframe Access and Integration
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Liberate Your Mainframe Data with Syncsort

Access and Integrate Mainframe Data with Hadoop and Syncsort DMX-h!

DMX-h Release 8

Ingest, translate, process and distribute mainframe data with Hadoop

Syncsort is simply the best!

As an industry leader in mainframe data for over 45 years and a well-established leader in the Hadoop ecosystem, Syncsort has the technology and expertise that make us simply the best at bridging the gap between mainframe and Hadoop.

Get Real-Time Insights from ALL Your Enterprise Data

Bridge the gap between Big Iron and Big Data

Offload Mainframe Workloads

Mainframes power many mission-critical applications throughout the enterprise – collecting, generating and processing some of the largest data volumes with exceptional performance and reliability. You know you can’t leave this data out of your Big Data strategy, but leveraging mainframe data with Hadoop has been very difficult – or even impossible – until now!

Syncsort DMX-h dramatically simplifies and secures the process of accessing and integrating mainframe data with Hadoop MapReduce and Apache Spark.

Mainframe Data Access

Get your data into Hadoop, in a mainframe format

Use our GUI to copy data from the mainframe to Hadoop without any translation or transformation – with a few simple clicks! Experience faster loads, comply with data lineage & governance mandates that require as-is copies of data, and enable non-mainframe developers to work with mainframe data on the cluster.

Syncsort DMX-h makes connecting to the mainframe easy and secure.

  • Supports FTPS and Connect:Direct
  • Extends Sqoop and Spark to provide full access to the mainframe, including additional file type, data type and COBOL Copybook support
  • Easily ingests hundreds of DB2 tables into Hadoop at one time with DMX DataFunnel

Use Syncsort DMX-h to efficiently copy mainframe data to Hadoop, while preserving its native format for compliance. Once the data is on Hadoop, DMX-h is the only solution that can leverage the cluster’s distributed resources to access and integrate native mainframe data  without staging translated copies.

Smarter Connectivity

Integrate Your Mainframe Data

Cleanse, blend & transform data on the cluster

Integrate Your Mainframe Data

Stop wasting weeks of development time just to understand your mainframe data. Syncsort DMX-h interprets both mainframe and Hadoop file and data formats, reducing development effort from weeks to days, and eliminating inefficient translation and staging of additional data copies.

  • Directly access and interpret VSAM files, mainframe fixed and variable files, and DB2 data
  • Give your data meaning with COBOL Copybooks mapped directly to the mainframe data – no modifications needed
  • Handle complex files and associated Copybooks efficiently – including multiple redefines and directives, and Occurs Depending On

Only Syncsort DMX-h can move mainframe data onto a Hadoop cluster without modifying it from its original format and make it distributable so you can store and process it with on Hadoop. You can even process it directly with MapReduce and Spark for greater parallelization and improved performance when working with mainframe variable data on the cluster.

Bridge the Skills Gap

An easy-to-use GUI means there’s no need to understand COBOL, MapReduce or Spark

Save the time and expense of hiring for skills that are in short supply, and avoid the learning curve that comes with new languages and complex tools.

With its Graphical User Interface, DMX-h bridges the gap between the skill sets since developers no longer need to understand COBOL, MapReduce or Spark. It takes only a basic understanding of data integration to design jobs and tasks for data ingestion, translation and transformation and run them under any framework.

Bridge the Skills Gap

Smarter Security

Secure the entire process

Secure the entire process

Mainframes house some of the most sensitive data in an organization, so security is critical for any solution that accesses that data.

DMX-h supports your security and compliance needs with:

  • Support for FTPS and Connect:Direct data transfers
  • Native Kerberos and LDAP support
  • Integration with common security systems such as Apache Sentry
  • The ability to access and work directly with mainframe data in its native format – preserving data lineage for governance mandates

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