Hadoop ETL Just Got Smarter!

Syncsort’s Hadoop ETL Solution extends the capabilities of Hadoop, turning it into a highly scalable, affordable, and easy-to-use data integration environment.

Traditional ETL architectures can no longer provide the scalability required by the business at an affordable cost. That's why many organizations are turning to Hadoop. But, Hadoop alone is not a data integration solution. Performing even the simplest ETL tasks require mastering disparate tools and writing hundreds of lines of code. Syncsort’s DMX-h Hadoop ETL Solution provides a smarter approach, turning your Hadoop environment into a complete data integration solution!

Everything you need for Hadoop ETL. No coding, No Tuning, No Kidding!

  • Connect to any data source or target
  • Exploit mainframe data
  • Develop MapReduce ETL jobs without coding
  • Jump-start your Hadoop productivity with use case accelerators to help you build common ETL tasks
  • Build, re-use, and check impact analysis with enhanced metadata capabilities
  • Optimize performance and efficiency of each individual node
  • Never tune again

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Hadoop ETL
No Coding for Hadoop

Hadoop ETL Development Without Constraints.

Don’t know MapReduce Java, Hive or Pig? Fear no more! Now, you can easily create MapReduce jobs in Microsoft Windows through an intuitive graphical development environment. Distributed and offshore data integration teams can also develop and test jobs locally with their own laptops. No need to learn complex MapReduce skills – Java, Hive, or Pig. Simply leverage the same ETL skills your organization already has.
The DMX-h Hadoop ETL Solution from Syncsort also includes a library of use case accelerators with common ETL cases - such as joins, change data capture, hash aggregations, web logs processing, and more - to help you jump-start your Hadoop productivity.

Data Sources


Connect to All Your Data.

Smart ETL starts with the right connectivity to leverage all your data. Unleash Hadoop’s potential with high-performance connectivity to move data into and out of Hadoop from virtually any system. The DMX-h Hadoop ETL Solution from Syncsort includes native connectors to all major data sources and targets, including relational databases, appliances, XML, cloud sources, files, and mainframe.

Feed only the right data into Hadoop. With the Hadoop ETL solution, you can sort, cleanse, partition and compress the data before loading into HDFS. Multiple streams of data are loaded simultaneously into HDFS — all without writing a single line of code.

Deploy Instantly in Hadoop – No Compiling, No Tuning!

Once developed, you can easily consolidate all the data flows and automatically deploy the MapReduce jobs on Hadoop. As opposed to most other data integration tools, the DMX-h Hadoop ETL Solution from Syncsort requires no compilation step and no tuning. All the jobs run natively within the Hadoop framework using the DMX-h zero code generation engine.
In addition, the DMX-h Hadoop ETL Solution automatically adapts to all the characteristics of the job – including data types, CPU, memory, and type of transformations – to maximize performance and efficiency of each Hadoop node.

 Share and Reuse Hadoop Code

Build Once, Re-use All You Want. No Strings Attached.

Syncsort’s Hadoop ETL Solution provides built-in metadata capabilities enabling greater reusability and transparency for data flows.  This means you can develop once, and re-use many times. The more transformations you develop, the easier is to extend the functionality and scope of existing applications. Similarly, you can re-use existing data integration jobs – as smart building blocks – to build new and more complex data flows.
Enhanced metadata also enables greater transparency into impact analysis, data lineage, and execution flow, which facilitates data governance and regulatory compliance.

All metadata is file-based — this means there are no dependencies on relational databases or third-party systems. Because metadata should come with no strings attached!

 Higher performance and efficiency per node means you can process more data in less time, with fewer servers.

Scale-in & Scale-out. Get More from Every Node!

Most ETL tools add an extra layer of overhead to Hadoop. Only an architecture that avoids code generation can complement Hadoop while still providing the performance and efficiency required for successful ETL deployments.

DMX-h complements Hadoop’s horizontal scalability (scale-out) by maximizing performance of each node within the cluster (scale-in). Once deployed, DMX-h automatically optimizes resource utilization - CPU, memory and I/O - on each node to deliver the highest levels of performance, with no tuning needed.

Higher performance and efficiency per node means you can process more data in less time, with fewer servers.

Shift to Hadoop

Drive Forward. Shift ETL to Hadoop!

Don’t let the growing costs of conventional ETL stall your Big Data initiatives and drive you out of today’s competitive market. The Hadoop ETL Solution from Syncsort enables organizations to realize significant operational savings and efficiencies by shifting new and existing ETL workloads to the open source framework. Turn your Hadoop cluster into a complete data integration environment with the Hadoop ETL solution!

  • Achieve or exceed ETL service level agreements
  • Collect, process and integrate more data from previously untapped sources
  • Free-up database capacity & accelerate user query performance
  • Eliminate the need for constant coding and tuning
  • Reduce the cost structure of your data integration environment

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