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Syncsort Hadoop Solutions: Data Warehouse Offload to Hadoop
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Free Up Data Warehouse Capacity & Budget

Shift Data & Workloads to Hadoop

DMX-h Release 8

Need more from your data warehouse?

Get the best end-to-end approach for offloading heavy ELT workloads & associated data from the data warehouse to Hadoop

Shifting expensive workloads from enterprise data warehouses into Hadoop can be intimidating. How do you know where to begin, and what will deliver the most savings? Start your Hadoop journey with Syncsort’s offload solutions to save money while building your enterprise data hub to power next generation big data analytics.

Fast. Secure. Enterprise-grade.

Unleash the disruptive power of Big Data with Syncsort, the offload experts


  • Get fresher data, from right-time to real-time
  • Keep all data readily accessible, for as long as you want
  • Translate and sample mainframe data on-the-fly without writing a single line of code
  • Blend new data - fast - in Hadoop. From structured to unstructured. From Big Iron to Big Data
  • Optimize data warehouse performance by offloading heavy batch workloads to Hadoop
  • Free up database capacity & budget – from $100K/TB to $1K/TB
Harness the Power of Hadoop with DMX-h 8.0!

Enabling the Enterprise Data Hub

Remove barriers to mainstream Hadoop adoption

Data Blending

Syncsort removes barriers to mainstream Hadoop adoption & delivers the best end-to-end approach to collecting, blending, transforming and distributing data with Hadoop.

We make it easy to turn Hadoop into the ideal staging area for all your data – from structured to unstructured – a massively scalable location where you can pre-process it – execute all the batch workloads – and then feed it to other pieces of your architecture.

Effectively offloading ELT workloads and data from the data warehouse into Hadoop lets you slash batch windows, keep data readily available as long as you want, and frees up significant data warehouse capacity.

No trade-offs, no tension. Just the data you need to drive your business.

One Framework

Blazing Performance, Iron-Clad Security, Disruptive Economics

Data Preparation

You know there are data and workloads in your data warehouse that could be offloaded. However, without the right tools, identifying, accessing, and moving data and processing to Hadoop can quickly become overwhelming.

We make it easy with our unique three-phased approach, saving you money, time, and effort, while laying out the foundation for your Enterprise Data Hub. We help you every step of the way on your big data integration journey – from ELT offload to Hadoop ETL – and beyond.


Because Not All Workloads Are Created Equal

Not all workloads are suitable for offload. You need to identify those that will deliver the biggest impact for the initiative. In most cases, 20% of your data transformations consume up to 80% of your resources.

Our data warehouse offload solution provides integrated analysis of all data and ELT workloads to identify:

  • Expensive ELT workloads
  • Unused and rarely used data
  • Expensive user activity

Offload and Break Free from Hadoop Complexity...

With Graphical “Design Once, Deploy Anywhere” Development

Data Transformation

Syncsort’s offload solutions remove barriers to mainstream Hadoop adoption, using a single tool to seamlessly collect, prepare, blend, transform & distribute data.

Access all your data in one step
  • Syncsort DMX-h provides all the connectivity you need – including mainframe and legacy sources – to build your enterprise data hub.
Prepare your data for analytics
  • Accelerate development and execution of costly & time-consuming data preparation tasks.
Blend your data for new insights
  • Find bigger insights by combining Big Data, legacy and mainframe sources. Get the fastest, most efficient data joins with no code to generate, compile, maintain or tune!
Transform your data with “design once & deploy anywhere” approach
  • Leverage the Intelligent Execution Layer (IX) of our award-winning Syncsort DMX-h software to easily maintain, extend and update your jobs in your new environment.
Distribute your data for the fastest path to insight
  • Get the fastest path from raw data to insight. Create Tableau & Qlikview files with a single click! And achieve the fastest data loads to your favorite MPP or data warehouse without tuning hassles.


Optimize & Secure…

Making It Enterprise Ready

Seamlessly deploy the new workloads into Hadoop – on premises or in the Cloud. Get the enterprise-grade tools you need to manage, secure and operationalize the Enterprise Data Hub.

  • Get faster throughput per node with predictable, sustainable performance at scale
  • Accelerate existing MapReduce, Hive, and Pig processes
  • Get no-hassle support for Kerberos and LDAP
  • Secure mainframe data access through FTPS and Connect:Direct
Deploy and Manage
  • Enjoy enhanced metadata management and data lineage
  • Use a web-based management console to submit and monitor jobs
  • Easily deploy, monitor & manage across hundreds of nodes with Cloudera Manager and Apache Ambari
Distribute Your Data

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