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Syncsort Hadoop Solutions: Big Data Integration Tools
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Syncsort Hadoop Solutions

Overcome the challenges of collecting, processing and integrating data in Hadoop

Syncsort Big Data solutions / Big Data Hadoop

Break Free from Hadoop Complexity!

Collect, Prepare, Blend, Transform & Distribute Data Seamlessly with DMX-h

DMX-h is specifically designed to remove barriers to mainstream Hadoop adoption and deliver the best approach for shifting heavy workloads from expensive data warehouses and mainframes into Hadoop.


Syncsort Big Data solutions / Big Data Hadoop


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Data Warehouse Offload to Hadoop

Syncsort Big Data solutions: EDW Offload

The only seamless and targeted approach to offloading infrequently used data and ELT workloads to Hadoop.

Shifting expensive workloads from enterprise data warehouses into Hadoop can be intimidating. How do you know where to begin, and what will deliver the most savings?

Start your Hadoop journey with Syncsort’s offload solutions to save money while building your enterprise data hub to power next generation big data analytics.


Learn More about the Syncsort Data Warehouse Offload Solution.

Hadoop ETL

No coding, no tuning...just smarter ETL

Syncsort’s Hadoop ETL Solution extends the capabilities of Hadoop, turning it into a highly scalable, affordable, and easy-to-use data integration environment.

  • Connect to any data source or target
  • Exploit mainframe data
  • Develop MapReduce ETL jobs without coding
  • Jump-start your Hadoop productivity with use case accelerators to help you build common ETL tasks
  • Build, re-use, and check impact analysis with enhanced metadata capabilities
  • Optimize performance and efficiency of each individual node
  • Never tune again


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Syncsort Big Data solutions: Hadoop ETL

Hadoop ETL for Amazon EMR

The First and Only Hadoop ETL App for AWS Marketplace.


Unleash the full potential of Amazon EMR with Ironcluster Hadoop ETL features!

  • Get started with a free full-featured license for up to 10 nodes
  • Design MapReduce jobs graphically without writing a single line of code
  • Create sophisticated data flows such as joins, web log aggregations, change data capture (CDC) and more in no time, with a library of Use Case Accelerators
  • Connect to virtually any data source including RDBMS, mainframe, HDFS,, Redshift and S3
  • Need more nodes? No worries, scale out your cluster at a disruptively low, “no brainer” price

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Mainframe Access & Integration

Bridge the Gap Between Big Iron and Big Data

Syncsort DMX-h dramatically simplifies and secures the process of accessing and integrating mainframe data with Hadoop MapReduce and Apache Spark.

  • Get mainframe data into Hadoop and work with it like any other data source!
  • Directly access and interpret VSAM files, mainframe fixed and variable files, and DB2 data without modifying it from its original format
  • Avoid a complex learning curve with DMX-h's easy-to-use Graphical User Interface
  • Secure the entire process with support for FTPS Connect:Direct data transfers, Kerberos, LDAP, or integration with Apache Sentry.

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Mainframe Access & Integration


Experience the new revolution in data analytics

Learn how BIGFrame, an end-to-end Mainframe Offload Solution built by Cognizant, Syncsort and Cloudera, enables enterprises to address challenges with performance, flexibility and agility to get business insights out of their legacy data.

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