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Syncsort helps PagesJaunes to get the most out of Big Data

To help face technical challenges from an explosion in data volume, storage of unstructured data, and real time reporting, PagesJaunes employed a Big Data strategy focused on moving to the Cloudera Hadoop framework from IBM Netezza, allowing...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: April 2015

TAGS: Big Data, Business Intelligence, Cloudera, Data Integration, Data Migration, Data Warehouse, ETL, Hadoop, Media, Netezza

Freeing Up Database Capacity and Reducing Costs with Hadoop

A leading home entertainment company generates and collects some of the largest data volumes in the corporate world, feeding a multi-petabyte Netezza data warehouse that continues to grow at double-digit rates every year. This data warehouse...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: February 2015

TAGS: Big Data, ETL, Hadoop, Hortonworks

Wolters Kluwer Health saves time, money and resources with MFX mainframe sort.

Wolters Kluwer Health is a leading provider of information for professionals and students in medicine, nursing, allied health and pharmacy. Not surprisingly, the preparation of such information involves the management of massive amounts of data...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: September 2011

TAGS: Data sorting, Dfsort, MFX, Sort tool

Revenue Commissioners processes millions of Ireland’s tax records in seconds while using easy scripting and data sorting.

After undergoing a comprehensive mainframe data migration project, the Revenue Commissioners relied on Syncsort to deliver the same high-performance data sorting and file manipulation capabilities in UNIX as the organization had enjoyed on the...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: April 2011

TAGS: Data Integration Tool, Data transformation, Data warehouse, ETL data

ICBC cuts processing time and expands database functionality with Mainframe Sort.

Utilizing the join feature of Syncsort MFX for z/OS, the group reduced the elapsed time on one DB2 application by approximately 89%. ICBC Senior Technical Specialist Don Phillips explains the process: “For the test application, we previously...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: March 2011

TAGS: Data sorting, Dfsort, MFX, Sort tool

Thomson Reuters: Syncsort MFX and training allows bank merger to proceed in one weekend

Engineers at BETA Systems, a division of Thomson Reuters, were faced with an enormous data management dilemma – how to combine the financial holdings databases of two merging banks in the timeframe of a single weekend.

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: January 2010

TAGS: Data sorting, MFX, Sort tool