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Syncsort helps PagesJaunes to get the most out of Big Data

To help face technical challenges from an explosion in data volume, storage of unstructured data, and real time reporting, PagesJaunes employed a Big Data strategy focused on moving to the Cloudera Hadoop framework from IBM Netezza, allowing...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: April 2015

TAGS: Big Data, Business Intelligence, Cloudera, Data Integration, Data Migration, Data Warehouse, ETL, Hadoop, Media, Netezza

Freeing Up Database Capacity and Reducing Costs with Hadoop

A leading home entertainment company generates and collects some of the largest data volumes in the corporate world, feeding a multi-petabyte Netezza data warehouse that continues to grow at double-digit rates every year. This data warehouse...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: February 2015

TAGS: Big Data, ETL, Hadoop, Hortonworks

Hermes realizes an Eight times improvement in Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) performance

Faced with such a large volume of data, Hermes is continually on the lookout for ways in which it can make Big Data handling technology and processes more efficient and effective. The key challenge lies in helping data move through the company...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: April 2013

TAGS: Big data, Data Integration tool, Data reformatting, ETL tools

Kantar Worldpanel, the trusted provider of consumer analytics, relies on DMX to assemble, sort, match tens of millions of records quickly and efficiently.

Retail is among the most data-intensive endeavors in business today. Unlocking the secrets of that data can translate into meaningful competitive advantage — and that’s why in the UK close to 500 clients in brand and private label...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: September 2012

TAGS: Data merge, Data sort, Sort tool, Sorting data

Major Bank improves decision making by obtaining refreshed reporting data every 8 hours instead of 36 by accelerating its data integration tool with DMX.

The bank’s goal was to deliver daily updates, which would support an entirely new class of reporting and analytics. But the updates were collectively taking upwards of 36 hours to complete. The bank has files with hundreds of millions of...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: July 2012

TAGS: Data integration, Data transformation, Data warehouse, ETL software

CIO Magazine: How comScore is Using Hadoop to Tame Its Big Data Flow

Apache Hadoop is rapidly evolving into a general-purpose framework for highly scalable processing, for a wide variety of businesses applications. But, while Hadoop can excel at processing Big Data at scale, it is still immature for enterprise...

  • AUTHOR: CIO Magazine / Mike Brown, comScore
  • PUBLISHED: June 2012

TAGS: Apache Hadoop, DMX, DMX-h, Hadoop, Hadoop ETL, Hadoop Sort

Kojima Press Industry Co., Ltd. moves high-performance data sorting into an open systems environment.

Kojima Press Industry Co., Ltd. is a 70-year-old automobile parts manufacturer
and a main partner of Toyota Motor Corporation perform a mainframe migration to downsize from mainframes to an open systems environment and to integrate the main...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: April 2012

TAGS: Data migration, Mainframe migration, Sort tool, Sorting data

Nation’s Largest Health Services Provider reduces Data Integration TCO and manages growing data volumes with Syncsort DMX.

Since its founding more than 40 years ago, this organization has grown to become one of the nation’s largest provider of healthcare services with dozens of hospitals and freestanding surgery centers in 20 states, employing nearly 200,000...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: February 2012

TAGS: Data Integration, Data Migration, ETL Data, ETL tools

OTC Markets Group deploys Syncsort DMX ETL software with Vertica analytics database to gain greater business insights.

OTC Markets Group has used DMX data Integration tool to replace hundreds of hand-coded scripts that give the firm the ability to perform more in-depth analyses and more sophisticated translations and data transformations than were previously...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: November 2011

TAGS: Data Integration Tool, Data transformation, Data warehouse, ETL data

Experian UK improves customer engagement and business performance.

Experian helps organizations target, acquire, and retain customers by managing their marketing database to improve customer engagement and business performance. “We have numerous clients who rely on us to manage millions upon millions of...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: October 2011

TAGS: Big Data, Data Integration, ETL data, Mainframe Migration

Wolters Kluwer Health saves time, money and resources with MFX mainframe sort.

Wolters Kluwer Health is a leading provider of information for professionals and students in medicine, nursing, allied health and pharmacy. Not surprisingly, the preparation of such information involves the management of massive amounts of data...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: September 2011

TAGS: Data sorting, Dfsort, MFX, Sort tool

DMX Data Integration tool helps The Co-operative Group slash batch processing times for crucial store replenishment and save £12 million annually

The Co-operative Group saw an opportunity to streamline operations with DMX data integration tool to improve data sorting by centralizing its store replenishment process, a strategy that will help the firm to save more than £12 million a...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: August 2011

TAGS: Data sort, Data sorting, Database sort, Sort tool

State of Tennessee Department of Human Services relies on DMX to hit high-volume processing and data sorting window.

State of Tennessee Department of Human Services (DHS) first implemented DMX as an MTO module to accelerate data sorting and aggregations, creating a 30 percent improvement in elapsed time. Next, with some minimal additional development, the team...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: July 2011

TAGS: Data migration, Data sort, Mainframe migration, Sort tool

SDI increases productivity, responsiveness to clients by accelerating massive Vertica data loads with DMX data integration tool

Serving a diverse customer base, SDI aggregates massive volumes of physician-level and patient-level data derived from healthcare claims, hospital charges, electronic medical records, and more. The company delivers that data in various forms...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: June 2011

TAGS: Data warehouse, ETL data, ETL software, SQL migration

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) - Enabling In-depth Analysis of Claims Data

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has developed a process for providing ongoing, in-depth analysis on the tremendous amount of claims data received from each state. This enables CMS to determine trends, how money is spent, the...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: June 2011

TAGS: Data integration tool, Data sorting, Government, Healthcare, Life Science, Sort tool, Sorting data

Revenue Commissioners processes millions of Ireland’s tax records in seconds while using easy scripting and data sorting.

After undergoing a comprehensive mainframe data migration project, the Revenue Commissioners relied on Syncsort to deliver the same high-performance data sorting and file manipulation capabilities in UNIX as the organization had enjoyed on the...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: April 2011

TAGS: Data Integration Tool, Data transformation, Data warehouse, ETL data

ICBC cuts processing time and expands database functionality with Mainframe Sort.

Utilizing the join feature of Syncsort MFX for z/OS, the group reduced the elapsed time on one DB2 application by approximately 89%. ICBC Senior Technical Specialist Don Phillips explains the process: “For the test application, we previously...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: March 2011

TAGS: Data sorting, Dfsort, MFX, Sort tool

Insurance Leader turns to Syncsort’s DMX accelerate DB marketing implementation with data integration acceleration

One major insurance carrier – a leader in domestic property and casualty, life insurance, and retirement planning – uses comprehensive database marketing techniques to enable its agents to present targeted upsell and cross-sell offers...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: March 2011

TAGS: Data merge, Data sorting, Extract transform load, Sort tool

Silverton competes with much larger market players and provides customers with personalized experiences with DMX data integration tool.

DMX is helping Silverton’s customer outreach efforts, using data in the resort’s customer relationship management (CRM) system, playing a crucial role in their marketing as the tool used to extract, transform and load data.

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: January 2011

TAGS: Data integration, Data transformation, Data Warehouse, Extract transform load

Global Telecommunications Company minimizes revenue loss by cutting inventory & billing time by 88%.

Top telecommunications company needed to convert and migrate more than one terabyte of telephone numbers, phone inventory data, and activation records from its existing system to a new one. This data needed to be converted and normalized in the...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: July 2010

TAGS: Data Integration, Data merge, Data Sort, Sorting Data

Global Financial Services company keeps customers engaged by running client behavioral models in 1/2 a minute

DMX was used to build the feeds and replace much of the SAS processing that created the data sets and campaign lists. A campaign that once took 30 days
to complete, now takes 5. And with DMX building the feeds, the refresh process is also...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: July 2010

TAGS: Data Integration, ETL, SAS Processing, Sorting Data

comScore Achieves a 500% Improvement in Data Integration Throughput

comScore maintains massive proprietary databases that provide a continuous, real-time measurement of the myriad ways in which the Internet is used and the wide variety of activities that are occurring online.  comScore has a global cross...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: July 2010

TAGS: Big Data and Hadoop, Data Integration Tool, Data merge, DMX, ETL data

Major Electronics Retailer summarizes customer data in 40% less time with DMX data integration tool.

A major electronics retail chain needed to significantly improve the performance of the summarizations and aggregations its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) analysts were doing. The customer database contained detail level data, such as...

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: June 2010

TAGS: Data integration, Data migration, ETL software, SQL migration

Thomson Reuters: Syncsort MFX and training allows bank merger to proceed in one weekend

Engineers at BETA Systems, a division of Thomson Reuters, were faced with an enormous data management dilemma – how to combine the financial holdings databases of two merging banks in the timeframe of a single weekend.

  • AUTHOR: Syncsort
  • PUBLISHED: January 2010

TAGS: Data sorting, MFX, Sort tool